Mindful Way Retreats

Custom-designed Mindful Way retreats are your opportunity to nurture and cultivate the shared experience of God’s love and the mystery of God’s presence in the many groups that make up your church. We help you plan and lead retreats from three hours to three days (or more). You will work with One Mindfully to set your own goals and work with a skilled meditation teacher to make it happen.

The over-arching purposes of our custom retreats are to:

  • Help crazy-busy people slow down long enough to experience God’s presence, even if for just a glimpse
  • Nurture a sense of God’s mystery and love in groups caught up in doing God’s work — carrying out their mission, administration, socializing or learning about God — at the expense of experiencing God’s presence together.
  • Cultivate group cohesion through shared experience of God’s presence

Groups that might benefit from a retreat include:

  • men’s and women’s groups
  • youth groups
  • young adult groups
  • senior groups
  • committees
  • administrative boards, Vestry, church council
  • clergy and staff
  • Support groups (e.g., LGBTQ, unemployed, young moms, mental health, divorce)
  • ushers, greeters, acolytes, Stephen ministers, deacons and other workers

A retreat typically looks and feels much like a class, alternating different types of meditations with guided discussion and experiential exercises. Typically, learning takes place through insights gained in guided discussions, not PowerPoint presentations. Depending on the retreat goals, silence may be kept throughout or not.

Christians Meditate St Louis and representatives of the church or churches collaborate to develop goals for the retreat, plan the agenda and coordinate logistics. Fees vary depending on the length of the retreat, complexity of the agenda, how many people attend and other factors. Fees do not include meals, lodging, space rental or other logistical costs. More

We charge a flat hourly fee for face-to-face time with retreat participants for short, small retreats. For larger groups or multi-day retreats, we charge a flat fee for each participant.

Book Now

One Mindfully is now booking classes and retreats for June 2019 through 2020. To learn more about sponsoring a class or retreat, contact Sandra Miller, MSW, LCSW at 1mindfullytoday@gmail.com or 314-399-8568. Ask a about special discounts for classes and retreats booked for 2019.

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