Guided Meditations

28 Day Meditation Challenge – The Basics (5-8 minutes/day)

Week 1 – Meditation Basics
Meditation to Notice the Body (20 minutes)
Body Scan for Beginners
(30 minutes) 
Walking Meditation (9 minutes)
Meditation to Quiet Your Self-Critical Voice (26 minutes)

Week 2 – Stories We Tell
A Meditation on Anxious Emotions and Stories We Tell (20 minutes)
Awareness of Breath Meditation (11 minutes)
The Breathscape (20 minutes)

Week 3 –  Understanding Emotions
Meditation on Working with Anxiety and Stress (30 minutes)
Meditation to Label Difficult Emotions (10 minutes)
Meditation on Tapping into Gratitude (aka Noticing Positives) (5 minutes)

Week 4 – Our Distorted Thoughts
Meditation on Working with Difficult Emotions (10 minutes)
Meditation on Self-Compassion (15 minutes)

Week 5 – Accepting “What Is”
Radical Acceptance (14 minutes)
Meditation to Cultivate Nonjudgmental Awareness (15 minute)
RAIN of Compassion (30 minutes)
Meditation for Moving On (10 minutes)

Week 6 – Who Am I?
Meditation on Letting Go of Your Thoughts (12 minutes)
Meditation on Settling Your Busy Mind (10 minutes)
Meditation on Labeling Your Thoughts & Emotions (20 minutes)

Retreat – Loving Kindness
Letting Go (12 minutes)
Meditation on Self-Forgiveness (20 minutes)
Loving Kindness (47 minutes)

Week 7 – The Mind of Christ
Letting Go (12 minutes)
Breathing Compassion (20 minutes)
Reconciliation Meditation (21 minutes)

Week 8 – Creating Space
Meditation on Exploring Your Habitual Reactions (20 minutes)
Meditation for Opening Up Space (10 minutes)

Meditation for Easing into Sleep (23 minutes)
On Eagles Wings & Other Instrumental Music (2:44)
Tibetan Temple Bowls (11.00)
Nature Sounds (8:00)

Other Reading Resources
How to Practice Mindfulness 
How to Recognize Your Inner Critic
Tame Your Inner Critic

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