Mindful Way Training Trainers

For churches that want to make Mindful Way through Worry and Fear part of their ongoing spiritual formation program, One Mindfully offers a 16 week Train-the-Trainers program to prepare a team of 4-8 people to lead future classes. Multiple churches may join together.

What Is Required To Participate?

To sponsor the Mindful Way Train-the-Trainer class, each participating church must have offered the Mindful Way Through Worry and Fear four or more times. Individual participants must:

  • Participate in an 8-week Mindful Way Through Worry and Fear class
  • Maintain a regular meditation practice for at least six months
  • Submit an application, including a mental health screening
  • Go through a discernment process with clergy and One Mindfully therapist
  • Commit to attend 16 weekly 2.5 hour classes plus two daylong retreats
  • Commit to lead at least two 8-week classes upon completion of the 16-week class

What Is The Cost?

The minimum size team is four and the maximum is eight people. Fees are $960/participant for group of 4-5 people and $840/participant for a group of 6-8 people, payable in three installments. The class includes 16 weekly 2.5 hour classes, two 8 hour retreats, access to downloadable 8 week course outline and objectives, meditations, discussion notes, handouts, readings, Bible references, training tips and other resources.

Consultation Available

One Mindfully will provide up to eight hours free consultation to:

  • set realistic goals and develop flexible plans
  • review applications and assist with discernment process
  • provide advice on how to broaden participation in the program
  • advise on how to tailor the classes to the unique needs of youth, young adults, seniors, men’s and women’s groups, Sunday School classes, leadership groups, committees, LGBTQ groups, and other affinity groups in the congregation.

Additional consulting is available at a cost of $65/hour.

One Mindfully can provide train the trainer classes for the Mindful Way through Depression and Anxiety only to fully licensed LCSWs and LPCs.

Book Now

One Mindfully is now booking classes and retreats for June 2019 through 2020. To learn more about sponsoring a class or retreat, contact Sandra Miller, MSW, LCSW at 1mindfullytoday@gmail.com or 314-399-8568. Ask a about special discounts for classes booked for 2019.

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