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April 2020


This 8th day of April. I am thankful for ...
~ sunshine (and lollipops)
~ an afternoon of rest
~ productive discussions this morning
~ paradoxical complexity and simplicity of us humans
~ son's decision to stay with devil/employer he knows
~ redbud in the fence row
~ 95 y/o father-in-law celebrated passover despite the virus
~ all is well




Grateful this Saturday before Easter for ...

~ listening to Handel's Messiah from St. Martin's in the Field
~ plans to watch Jesus Christ Superstar tomorrow evening
~ music lifts my spirits and soothes my soul
~ postponed mowing lawn to give tulips & daffodils more time
~ looking forward to seeing a dear friend on Zoom shortly
~ smell of dinner baking in the oven
~ all is well ... hope abounds



This Easter Sunday  I am grateful for 

This day

My family

My warm flat

The grass growing outside

My shower

Face book which keeps me in touch


This day, Easter 2020, I am grateful:

That our son Nick is here with us and is feeling happy 

That I can talk to my sister Dixie on the phone

That we are all healthy so far

That we have shelter and food

That I have been meditating every day for a few weeks



Giving thanks this Easter Sunday for ...
~  online Sunday morning book group and Easter service
~ feeling connected and renewed
~ setting an intention to meditate at 10 am six days a week
~ setting phone alarms to remind us of our intention
~ looking forward to Zoom w/parents, siblings, nieces, nephews
~ all who share in this practice
~ all is well -- Jesus lives



This Easter Sunday, I am grateful for:

—Getting to spend time with my almost 90-year-old mother who lives beside me and the more than 91 years I had a wonderful father.

—My daughter Annie who entered my life when she was 15 months old and I was 51. 

—That my family and I have so far not contracted the coronavirus. 

—That a couple readers emailed me today to say they enjoyed my latest newspaper column. One of them was an old friend I’ve not seen in several years. 


That last post was mine - Debra’s. 


I'm grateful for these experiences of joy today: petting my sleepy cat and hearing him purr; taking a brisk walk by the lake, soaking in the green of the budding trees, the blue of the lake, and the warm sunshine; noticing that another couple tulips in my front garden have bloomed, and appreciating each tulip's uniqueness; eating a chocolate marshmallow Easter candy; telling my colleague that I thought about her during the long weekend since my partner started playing her favorite video game, and seeing her smile as she exclaimed that she had been playing that same game. And last but not least: connecting with a new meditation/book study group.  <3


Today, I am grateful for:

  • My health and the health of my family and friends
  • For being able to get fresh air and get outside to walk
  • My husband has work
  • Time to study this last month of school
  • Sandra leading this book club and being able to participate

Jen K.


Grateful for:

  • The wonderful gift of Sandra Miller and her warm, welcoming and accepting approach to all whom she serves
  • Safety of my family during the pandemic
  • food and service we are able to enjoy
  • book to read and people to share it with
  • online meditation chapel




I wanted to share this about gratitude


Grateful this Tuesday evening for ...

~ feeling useful
~ first day of a new class jitters calmed
~ a glass of wine after class
~ yummy leftovers for dinner
~ giving myself a pass
~ sweetie's excitement
~ dogwoods in back blooming for the first time
~ all is well



PS  Thanks for the YouTube video!


Here are the things I'm grateful for:

  • My wonderful spouse who lets me be who I am
  • My foot, which doesn't hurt anymore
  • My job and my students--I complain about them a lot, but I can still get fulfillment from teaching
  • My pets
  • Spring




Today I was grateful for:

The beautiful sound of a bird singing outside my window, waking me from a mini-nap
The joy and freedom of movement during exercise time today - and the limber feeling afterward
Beautiful reading in the Book of Joy this afternoon - so encouraging!
Phone call with my dear mother this morning
Being able to do laundry in my house


Today I am grateful for:


(1) the beautiful peacocks roaming up and down a nearby street

(2) the gift of free time to enjoy a walk with my son

(3) feeling productive at work

(4) spending time in God's nature and being in awe of Him

(5) my husband surprising me with a shrimp burrito bowl tonight 🙂

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