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April 2020


I am grateful for:

--The quiet gathering my daughter, Annie, her dad and I had tonight to celebrate her 19th birthday. It is my prayer that her dad and I, now separated, can continue to get along, mostly for Annie's sake but also for our sake.

--Our aging part-chihuahua, part-weenie and maybe part-terrier dog named Shadow aka Shady Lady; our aging cat Blackie who, like Greta Garbo, just wants to be left alone; and our young calico cat, Jupiter, who sleeps almost all day and starts jumping and meowing about midnight.

--My daughter's cooperation -- almost no whining -- as she spends most of her time at home during the coronavirus pandemic rather than going shopping and visiting her friends.

--My weekly newspaper column. It supplements my income and keeps me writing.

--The family members who helped shape my life.




Thankful this Thursday morning for...
- Zoom with friends
- son offered promotion
- sunshine
- meditation
- solving a problem
- tying up last loose ends
- sweetie’s delight
- all is well



grateful for the joy I felt while:

  • growing micro greens
  • planting activities
  • walking in the woods
  • cooking
  • zoom meetings



Grateful today for:

* Zoom meeting 

* sounds of birds singing

* warmth of the sun while walking outside on chilly day

* joy I feel when watching cats play together 

* peaceful meditation 



Grateful this Thursday evening for ...

~ laughed as we recordied readings for Sunday's online service
~ learned how to record on my iPhone
~ enjoyed writing for the service
~ watching Betty White on Zoom with women's group tonight
~ loving learning new technology to cope with isolation
~ thinking I might record meditations on iPhone for classes
~ feeling empowered
~ all is well .... good things come out of difficult situations



I am grateful tonight for:

(1) healthy food

(2) a beautiful sunny day and lots of rabbits and birds to watch

(3) the gift of good health

(4) God's faithfulness and constant presence

(5) a beautiful watercolor book arrived in the mail 🙂


Today, I'm grateful for:

~Getting to sleep in after two almost sleepless nights.

~Realizing that the joy class I'm taking is a wonderful opportunity for me to think/meditate and get to know other people during this time of whatever you choose to call it -- isolation, quarantine, or social-distancing.

~For the herbs-- basil, mint, parsley, thyme and more -- and other plants (cacti I've had for years, potted milkweed for the monarchs and more)  I grow. I look forward to seeing the purple irises bloom outside the house where i lived until recently and plan to dig up some of the bulbs to plant at my apartment. The huge sunflowers I raised are beautiful but too big to transplant to a rented apartment.

~For having learned of the compelling books by author and minister Rachel Held Evans, though not until after her premature death.

~For the ability to laugh with others and at myself.



Today I'm grateful for the little joys of sitting in the sunshine, drinking a sweet lemonade, joking with my partner, receiving a message from a friend far away and thinking about her life and so much that has changed as a new mother. 


Thankful this Friday afternoon for ...

~ adult children are taking stay at home orders seriously
~ sweetie's acceptance of my foibles, encouragement & support
~ Betty White biopic was inspiring & fun to watch with friends
~ figuring out a technical problem between iPhone & computer
~ lots of laughter while videotaping for Sunday service 
~ budgeting from 6 months actual spending - feeling virtuous
~ donated windfall check to food bank where desparately needed
~ food bank distributed 4M meals & 87 distributions in 2 mos
~ call from friend this afternoon
~ all is well ,,, making the best of this time in lockdown



Thankful for 

  • the friendly faces outside the store
  • the employees at the store
  • my son's upcoming birthday
  • online resources
  • drive, walk, cooking, dancing, singing 
  • hearing of good works of many good Samaritans



~ spectacular spring weather
~ meeting a neighbor via groundhogs
~ satisfying virtual coffee hour with people I've just met
~ continuing to make progress on a multi-day task
~ finding more fulfilling ways to connect
~ much-needed ride along the river under blue skies
~ feeling contented iunder this shelter-at-home regimen
~ looking forward to today's birthday party
~ all is well



What I am grateful for today:

Facemasks that my aunt made so we can wear them when we have to go to the grocery store. 

A beautiful walk at sunset in the cool crisp spring air, with my husband.

The ability to sit down and learn new material for school and my future career. 

Delicious and healthy food to eat. 

Trying new recipes - today was chia seed pudding.




Today, I'd like to express gratitude for:

  • The roof over my head
  • The Book of Joy and the groundedness it is providing at this time
  • The ability to buy healthy groceries
  • The ability to go for walks in the sun
  • My car that gets me to the grocery store

Grateful this Wednesday morning for ...

~ an experiment was well-received
~ satisfying group discussion in yesterday's classes
~ ferns are up and growing
~ planted clover in our weed-filled lawn - hopeful
~ more frequent glimpses of joy
~ love of and love for friends and family
~ realizing I can cultivate skills that result in more joy
~ all is well ... there is joy out there if we see it



I'm grateful tonight for:

--The herbs I hope to plant in a container garden tomorrow and then use in my food and tea.

--My family's and my good fortune, at least so far, in avoiding the covid-19 virus.

--The friend who brought me bird seed, a feeder and pole to  help me attract the birds that I so greatly miss.

--For the digital audiobook I now own -- The Book of Joy -- and plan to listen to for the first time tonight. (I earlier started reading the book on Kindle.)

--Zoom, on which this class meets and through which I plan to have dinner next week with a friend in Pittsburgh.





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