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You are invited! This Gratitude Journal is an online gathering place where you are invited to post five things you are grateful for on a daily or weekly basis.

Our purpose is to form a community of gratitude as a spiritual discipline in response to the command to give thanks always and for everything (Ephesians 5:20). This is intended to be a sacred space where participants can feel safe sharing from the heart.

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April 2020


Grateful this Wednesday morning for ...

~ demoralizing discussion sparked my creativity
~ learning new online tool
~ opportunities that take me out of my own challenges
~ hearing Tara Brach, Joseph Goldstein & Rick Hansen (WOW!)
~ listening to the wind, thunder and rain last night
~ taking comfort from the wind chimes
~ clover coming up
~ lawn mowed, weed eating done
~ each moment a new opportunity to start anew
~ all is well .... letting go of expectations



I'm grateful for the little birds that swarm our feeder on the patio and what joy they bring to my life; how we all greet each other while walking in our neighborhoods; my son's journey in the military; hard work that makes me feel what I do matters; and a wonderful little dish of salty potato chips and cottage cheese 🙂


thankful this Thursday evening for ...

~ sat on patio, felt the sun and looked at sweetie's native garden
~ talked to my daughter this afternoon
~ Zoom with our women's group tonight
~ calleld my mama today
~ talked to pastor & others in virtual coffee hour
~ met an interesting person
~ Zoom with best friends today
~ felt connected today
~ all is well ... talked to lots of people today


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