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August 2019


This Saturday afternoon, I give thanks for ...

~ almost ready to test this Gratitude Forum
~ school supplies arrived for our church's collection
~ lunch with dear friends we don't often see
~ son's updated resume gives him hope
~ centering prayer practice
~ excited to begin preparations to lead fall classes 
~ getting as much (or more) than I give from teaching
~ all is well



have two new native plants for shade garden

new neighbor from france

looking forward to classes I'm signing up for

sun shining on me and my sweetheart

remembering songs from my past



Today I'm grateful for :

* my awesome, generous sisters

* a loving, kind husband 

* a beautiful sunny day

* good food

* my mom who gave birth to me today. I miss you mom.




Grateful this Sunday morning for ...

~ letting go of anger
~ first cup of coffee in the morning
~ morning rituals with my sweetie
~ first morning light before sunrise
~ two new plants for our native shade garden
~ all is well





  1. I woke up this morning
  2. The sun is shining
  3. I was able to worship with my church family
  4. Friends who are experiencing medical issues are improving
  5. God is present




This morning I am grateful for:

* peaceful, quiet moments in nature

* beautiful butterflies,  singing birds

* being able to move my body

* having access to a swimming pool to do water aerobics

* giggles from a 6 year old



I give thanks to God this day for...

  • someone I visited at work today who said that, while she doesn't always connect well with some people, she felt a sense of trust with me and appreciated my visits these last two days, as well as the clarity and depth of information I explained to/shared with her
  • God showing myself to me in the hurts and sorrows I've had through the last few months, as well as what is being healed and how my purpose in life arises from these wounds
  • quiet time today to do meal prep and cook for the week...the kitchen and cooking is my "zen" place
  • that today I realize that, in this year which at its beginning I prayed for an increase in hope, God is mysteriously, slowly answering that prayer
  • restfulness, quiet and peace within myself, which is not always the case

I am grateful for:

-my Pokémon cards

-having a house to live in

-spending time with my family

-my new swing

-having my own library card


-Derry (9)


This Monday afternoon, I give thanks for ...

~ dear friend's listening ear through difficulties & smooth sailing
~ physical therapist satisfied with my progress gives me hope
~ topical NSAID for pain
~ a long video chat with my 86 year old mom & 90 year old dad
~ technology that brings us closer despite distance
~ my mom's willingness to use new technology (with help)
~ all is well with my soul



This Monday evening I'm grateful for:

* my husband's job and income

* hearing children laugh and play outside (instead of playing on their phones)

* a great meditation 

* quiet time alone at the pool

* this Gratitude Forum



I'm grateful for:

-electric cars



-being able to go to Central Market

-getting to watch Pokémon



Giving thanks for gods blessings on my life, for my children, my husband, the sunshine, sharing delicious food and the gifts given to me by God.  Thank you 


Today, I'm grateful for:

-belonging to a loving (and dearly loved) group of women

-the butterfly bush in my yard, full of bees, butterflies, and beautiful blooms

-noticing the constriction, which enables me to feel the relief of letting it go

-fresh sugar snap peas

-my sweet kitty Sammie coming to snuggle on my lap as I cried my way through the Forgiveness Meditation

-the release and peace that comes after a good cry

-receiving a new metaphor for 'letting go': taking off the cloak of whatever was holding me back

-recieving a new understanding of 'born again'

-sharing my love of Maths with my partner Niels, and seeing him so passionate about explaining a new proof he learned

<3 Hannah


Grateful this Tuesday afternoon for ...

~ getting glimpses of God's presence in a beautiful group of women
~ so many visuals -- taking off the cloak, seeing through God's eyes, etc.
~ feeling loved when my sweetie makes my favorite lunch
~ the luxury of time to prepare mentally to lead a class tonight
~ replenishing staples for the refrigerator and freezer
~ allowing myself to feel vulnerable when it was uncomfortable
~ all is well



Today, Tuesday, I am grateful for:

* the Spirit working through others

* my husband being willing to do dinner dishes 

* the rain that cooled the temperature 

* a great meditation class

* the entertainment and laughter I get from watching my cats interact



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