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August 2019


Wednesday I am grateful for:

* light traffic going to an evening meeting

* passionate, committed volunteers from Retrouvaille 

* feral kittens playing with bugs outdoors, they're hysterical to watch

* the marriage coach my husband and I see

* a hypnotherapist working with me on weight loss 



Grateful this Thursday morning for ...

~ being here, resting in the Divine's presence
~ finding a home care provider for our dear friend with dementia
~ fewer demands on us when she gets the help she needs
~ recognizing sweetie and I cannot keep up this pace for long
~ accepting grace
~ my meditation practice
~ walking 8 minutes two days in a row
~ all is well




Thursday I am grateful for:

* my 14 year old cat acting like a kitten when he's playing with a catnip toy

* my bff in another state calling to chat

* my favorite sister and and I catching up by phone 

* my eyesight to see songbirds at our feeders today

* the strength developing in my left ankle and foot enough to perform movements it couldn't do a year ago (my left leg was paralyzed a year ago & by the gift of a miracle from God, I'm able to move it after 13 years of immobility)




-a vulnerable heart-to-heart talk with my partner that makes me feel connected 

-our two cats playing together that gives me joy

-a warm humid day

-the restaurant had lots of low carb options so I could eat food that tasted delicious without worrying about how my body would react

-biking to work gives me my exercise for the day

<3 Hannah


Thankful this Friday afternoon for ...

- spending afternoon with a dear friend connecting meaningfully 

- easing into cooking and doing chores after months of recovery

- plans cancelled tonight so it is found time

- shopping and cooking in advance for birthday celebration here tomorrow night so we can go to nephew’s afternoon engagement party

- nephew included us in his engagement party

- still time to do PT exercises today

- morning coffee with my sweetie

- all is well




I am feeling grateful for:

      The comfort I feel being with my partner of many years

      How much I enjoy the colors of summer

      The feeling of safety and hope I get when I think about being with my meditation group

      My dog;  he is so sweet and loving and loyal and beautiful ......  I could go on .....





Today I'm grateful for:

* the blue sky with white puffy clouds

* the quietness of the evening 

* the time in the pool for exercise and water therapy 

* payday

* hugs from my husband 









Grateful this Saturday afternoon for ...

- a special nephew included us in the surprise engagement party he hosted for his fiancé.

- weather was perfect for an outdoor party

- house is clean and food prep done for birthday party we are hosting tonight

- the best family and friends anyone could have

- snuggles with my sweetie 

 - Ferguson Commission chair will speak at our Sunday School class and preach tomorrow 

- lunch with a friend tomorrow then no plans for the rest of the day

- all is well with my soul






Grateful this Sunday afternoon for ..

~ first foray into cooking in seven months of recovery
~ meal was tasty, healthy, a colorful plate & well-received 
~ helpful guests 
~ restful day planned today 
~ a friend joining us for a simple salad lunch 
~ our cozy home 
~ our walls covered with sweetie's parents' & friends artwork 
~ moments when I really see a painting again 
~ looking forward to video chat with daughter & husband today 
~ all is well 



Grateful this Sunday evening for:

* our new priest using humor in his homily

* quiet time alone to meditate outside with God in nature

* my niece finally having her baby after being more than a week late & going through 30 hours of labor

* the giggles of a 2 year old little girl as she splashed in the pool

* strangers being talkative and blessing me as they departed

* Forgiveness and Letting Go meditation 



Grateful this Monday afternoon for 

~ a relaxing evening 
~ setting a boundary kindly 
~ meditation 
~ sweetie 
~ crew arrived this morning to start our bathroom remodel 
~ a productive physical therapy session this morning
~ lots of walking this weekend 
~ all is well 



Grateful this Tuesday morning for ... 

~ progress in PT even though it's slower than I would like 
~ for the ease of .... my life compared to so many 
~ moments of patience in the midst of impatience 
~ moments of clarity in the midst of confusion 
~ moments of love in the midst of so much hatred 
~ moments of compassion in the midst of so much uncaring 
~ moments get me by ... give me hope ... keep me going 
~ all is well 



Grateful this Tuesday evening for:

* an inspirational and insightful meditation class

* spending much needed time with my hubby

* the volunteers in the Retrouvaille Marriage Ministry 

* the ability to move, and breathe during a healthful walk

* the grace from God to take a phone call from my mother in law (I never know how the conversations are going to go with them)



Grateful this Wednesday afternoon for ...

~ preparations done for next class
~ a sunny low humidity mild temp-for-August day
~ a productive doctor's appointment
~ doctor was refreshingly compassionate with no trace of ego
~  time and energy to help a friend
~ all is well

in peace,


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