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August 2019


Yesterday, Grateful for :

* the forgiveness I receive from God so I could forgive my husband for his unkind words

* the grace and strength to tell my husband how I felt

* the walk I took for just me

* the unconditional love of our 4 kitties 

* rain that refreshed nature



Grateful for Mindfulness Class and Practices

Grateful for all who walked before me

Grateful for all who are sharing the road with me

Grateful for the sun light and the cool breeze

Grateful for the time and technology that allows me to be connected

Grateful for the ability to release unwanted thoughts and emotions

Grateful for the emotions both painful and joyful for they made my experiences richer

Grateful for family and children



Grateful that I could share my thoughts with clarity to my spiritual guide 

Grateful for the invitation to lead a program for the community

Grateful for the faith that allows me to allow things to be

Grateful for the inner vision

Grateful for the love I feel toward my children



Grateful for the ability to honor the wild tree in the front yard that I considered a nuisance until recently, because it collects webs and sheds a seed that collects on the lawn

Grateful for the cat that recognizes the mood change in me and would come sit on me when I am sad

Grateful for my parents for their faith and hope in me

Grateful for this understanding that every breath is death of old and entry into new life

Grateful that I have this opportunity to jot things down


Grateful this Thursday afternoon for ...

~ someone's question causing me to pause & think anew
~ trust that develops in groups
~ without prompting my mom chose not to drive herself
~ an hour to relax by myself
~ progress on our tub to shower conversion
~ plumber just turned the water back on after several hours
~ all is well



Today I am grateful for:

* the curiosity I have about myself and others 

* an important insight on my relationship with a coach

* the ability to "let go", I'm getting lots of practice in this discipline 

* a great meditation on self-compassion

* my husband to love me even when I'm sad & down 




Grateful this Wednesday afternoon for ...

~ a useful & information-packed continuing education workshop
~ productive conference call with a colleague
~ son left me speechless
~ information comes to you when you need it most (sometimes)
~ picked tile for tub-to-shower conversion today
~ hummingbirds in the native garden
~ all is well


  • posts by the friends I made through Awakening class
  • posts by the coach and facilitator Sandra
  • sense of feeling safe that universe is sending me loving care through those awakening beings
  • the ability to let tears roll down as they make room for peace and joy
  • body that lets me know of my emotions
  • the sunset
  • fresh vegetables that I cooked today
  • cat's presence and ability to bring me into the present
  • unknowing of what may happen next
  • peace that lets me know that I am connected to the Source



I an grateful for my long-time best friend Denise, who knows me through and through (and still likes me!).

I'm grateful for twilight, the mystical in-between part of the day, when time stands still and summer presses in on the senses.

I'm grateful for the many people God keeps sending me that help me keep on searching for Him.

I'm grateful for my wonderful  family in Northern Minnesota.

I'm grateful that I have time to reflect on how much I have to be grateful for, that I was able to retire at a relatively young age.




This morning I am grateful for:

* good friends I love 

* the trust of a friend to share her woes and worries 

* time outside to do much needed plant care

* the rain refreshing nature

* my husband's smile and hugs



Thankful this Saturday evening for ...

~ promising visit to independent living option for our friend with dementia

~ a refreshing nap this afternoon

~ an afternoon at home with sweetie without workmen or anyone else in the house

~ finishing a writing project this morning

~ savoring a glass of wine

~ focusing on presence instead of productivity

~ all is well



Grateful this Sunday afternoon for:

* a great time & lots of laughter with good friends 

* God helping me read his word to others on Sunday 

* a new friend offering to help my husband and I 

* rest, sleep for a weary mind

* God helping me see when I am sabotaging my goal of weight loss 



Grateful this Monday morning for .... 

noticing some small degree of progress this week in my knee despite neglecting my PT exercises

feeling well-loved

relief that the friend we have been care taking as her dementia has progressed will put down a deposit this morning to move into independent living where she can get transportation, meals and structure, hopefully reducing her need for our care, which has become more than we can sustain

a good night's sleep

first cup of coffee

sitting here thankful for God's grace in giving me good health in body and mind as the sun rises and night turns to day

all is well



  • Lunch with friend
  • help with struggle from friend
  • a drop-by visit from daughter (yesterday)
  • a day on the golf course w/ hubby and friends (yesterday)
  • today is a Tuesday Sabbath for me
  • I found a few spaces this week



This Tuesday grateful for:

* a thought provoking meditation class with amazing women 

* successful dialogue with my husband on a stressful topic

* amazing lightening in a dark sky

* God's unconditional love

* rain watering the dry lawn


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