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Our purpose is to form a community of gratitude as a spiritual discipline in response to the command to give thanks always and for everything (Ephesians 5:20). This is intended to be a sacred space where participants can feel safe sharing from the heart.

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February 2020


Giving thanks this second day of the new month for ...

~ relatively good health
~ letting go of a fear-based story running through my head
~ sweetie's biopsy was benign
~ enjoyed 3rd season of The Crown -- on to Grace & Frankie
~ a rare sunny day
~ all is well



freedom to be with a large LBGTQ community 

grateful for hugs

grateful for open 12 step meetings 

smoothies to order

days with other people cooking and cleaning 




Grateful for

  • the warmth of the gas fireplace
  • breakfast with a friend
  • walk by the river
  • thoughtful sermon this morning
  • chat with my grandson  

I'm grateful for:

  1.     The spiritual path that I'm privileged to walk
  2.     The close friends that are walking that path with me
  3.     The insights God gives me
  4.     Life seems brand-new and hopeful today
  5.     My sons are both happy and healthy


       Sharon L.


Grateful this Monday for:

  • A brisk walk along the creek
  • Bright sun, the blue skies and the warmer weather
  • Invite for movie with the ladies ( although I had to turn it down)
  • My spiritual journey and the people who accompany me
  • Talk with nephew and chats with friends 

Thankful this Monday evening for ....

~ serendipity - same issue came to me from four places
~ an "aha" moment where confusion gave way to insight
~ son decided to apply for a job that sounds like a good fit
~ quiet, productive day at home
~ reading something that is compelling and well-written
~ all is well



Waitlist ticket #2000 was picked to join event, very surprised.  I am going

cat going to vet in morning, she needs care  I can afford the care  

Today quiet day to catch up some reading

relationship got heated, awareness is good 

awareness is good, I need rest. 


this Tuesday I am grateful for:

  • walk in the park
  • meeting with the community
  • my online community
  • the crunchiness of the salad I had for lunch
  • for all those who contribute to creating a safe environment for me to sit in meditation

Cough medicine that work


family sharing


dance floors 




Flexibility of online learning 

sharing life through 🤗 hugs

doggie kisses 😘 

old friends 

12 step work 


Grateful this Tuesday evening for ...

~ moments of serenity
~ meditation`
~ Sharon Salzburg's annual February Happiness Challenge
~ learning to do trauma-sensitive mindfulness training
~ preparing for visit to Wisconsin for my mom's 87th birthday
~ all is well



Grateful for

  • online class and thoughtful participants
  • falling snow
  • warm fire
  • email response I’ve been waiting for 
  • leftovers for dinner no cooking yay!

I'm grateful for happy cat purring, tears of release, a massge client who spoke up about her needs, the warmth of my electric blanket, laughing with colleagues,  feeling seen and recognized while reading Nouwen


This Wednesday I am grateful for:

  • solitude that allowed me to sit in healthy reflection 
  • healthy cooking habits
  • a sense of well being
  • internet that connects me with people in present time
  • nephew and uncle who are patient with me

Today I am grateful for:

*a productive day at work

*the rabbits who come to eat the "leftovers" under our bird feeder

*the daytime that is lengthening

*God's ever-present love

*the gift of good friends

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