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Our purpose is to form a community of gratitude as a spiritual discipline in response to the command to give thanks always and for everything (Ephesians 5:20). This is intended to be a sacred space where participants can feel safe sharing from the heart.

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February 2020


I am grateful that herbs I’m taking for pain are working, for a restful day, for supportive friends and family, for peace of mind today


I’m grateful for friends sons moving my bookcase, for a sunny day, that a friend is able to substitute leading a group on Monday, that I was able to order a book I need and it will be here on Tuesday, for friends that never give up on me.




lei making




Grateful this Sunday for:

* celebrating World Marriage Day with good friends 

* finally feeling like I am living as my authentic true self

* laughter and fun

* a stronger marriage 

* our marriage counselor 




I’m grateful for




The dance of life

The dance of life

Zoom interaction 




I'm grateful for:

  1.   My thoughts and reactions are becoming more clear to me
  2.   A beautiful day spent at the beach with my family
  3.   Snuggles form my grandchildren
  4.   Snuggles from my dog
  5.   Hope

      Sharon L.



i am grateful for my mother and father, the Buddha The Dhamma and the Sangha, The Lord, The Holy Mother, Randy Sharp, Sue Ann Molinell, Susan Steiner, All the help I recieve.!


I’m grateful for today’s group, for learning new tools, for everyone who is holding me in prayer, for new pictures of my grandson, that my daughter’s house sold.


I'm grateful for laughing with my coworkers, sharing in their frustrations (a micromanaging boss) and their joys (my teammate's wife got her greencard approved!), and that within our team we have fostered a space of belonging and teamwork. 


grateful today (Thursday) for:

  • chat I had with a friend
  • biography of a saint I am reading before bedtime
  • meditation chapel
  • tasty meal I cook from scratch 
  •  my courage to sit with the fear

I'm grateful:

  1.    that God helps me keep trying
  2.    for the satisfaction of a job well done
  3.    for looking forward to visit from family
  4.    for feeling centered and peaceful
  5.    that life is good

      Sharon L.


a powerful shredder

lists that help me keep organized

ability to observe my behavior objectively

kitty cat

my children


It’s Feb 14th and I am on retreat loving myself

today’s weather was beautiful for flying

i made it a week aware and more peaceful

my healing journey is currently packed and I am seeing much good fruit 

I simply love my creator and myself, let my light shine outward and my shadow heal those that it touches  




I’m grateful for a lovely text from a friend, a phone call from my son, that the sun shone today, that I don’t have to pack, movers will come tomorrow.


I'm grateful for a beautiful day of sunshine, fresh oranges from our tree, the sounds of the sweet birds outside my window, healing for my bruised cheek where the hanging bird feeder swung into my face (ouch) and my sense of humor when that happened.

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