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February 2020


This Sunday I am grateful for :

  • the church service and the sermon
  • the book i picked up for reflections during Lent
  • the grateful heart that is aware of the innumerable gifts
  • thoughtful heart that is aware of the thought patterns  that brings distress
  • For those who guide me to endure loneliness so that I can embrace the peaceful solitude

I am so grateful for:

another gorgeous day of sunshine

a day away from work - and the ability to work on my research paper

God's faithfulness to me over and over again

the worship during the church service yesterday

the blessing of a great night sleep



I am grateful for the sunshine today, talking with a friend, God’s unfaltering presence, that my parcel arrived today, for the writing of Henri Nouwen.


I'm grateful:

     1)    For another beautiful day

     2)   That my puppy is growing up into a wonderful well-behaved dog

     3)   For my feeling of ease and well-being

     4)   For the time and opportunity to really focus on my soul-work

     5)   For my family, friends, fellow students and teacher;  all those who keep me from straying too                  far off the path.

            Sharon L.



grateful for:

  • for the audio record of the class that reminded me to watch the "whodunnit" video clip 🙂
  • group that meets on Tuesdays and for the gracious facilitator
  • books to read
  • paper to write on
  • kitchen to experiment

Grateful for:

  • the car and the ability to drive after rush hour
  • the awareness of breath and senses that bring me back to Presence 
  • the moments of shift from blaming to accepting my responsibility of my own perception
  • hearing that lets me enjoy music
  • hands and fingers and the coordination to type (basic health)

Grateful for another sunny day, that my daughter found a house to rent, for my Thursday Centering prayer group, that I found a spiritual director, that all is well.


Dancing with my Hula Sisters

Being able to share a Hula at a memorial

For the life of my sweet Hula Sister who died last night

for a Health

For sweet young housemates hugs




I am grateful for:

(1) God's protection during a long 12 hour day of work yesterday, weaving my way through terrible traffic for much of it;

(2) the gift of good health;

(3) the love of my husband and sons;

(4) work that challenges my mind and a wonderful business that challenges me creatively;

(5) the gift of the wonderful Tuesday group  - a huge and unexpected blessing!


I am grateful for a lovely walk, a phone call from my son, todays nap, the gift of time to just be, for my loving Creator.


This Saturday morning I am grateful for:

  1. ability to respond with graceful acceptance to a negative message
  2. cat that sits on me when I am sad
  3. the provision of all necessities (food, shelter, health)
  4. time to pray and read
  5. chat with acquaintances after a program

I am so grateful for:

(1) a fabulous and challenging perfumery group class yesterday

(2) the gift of a phone call from my son in the military today

(3) the worship service last night at church

(4) a day of real sabbath today

(5) beautiful sunshine and the bunnies that play under my bird feeder


Today, I am grateful for:

(1) the season of Lent

(2) a day of sunshine

(3) meaningful work

(4) the opportunity to serve others

(5) friends who pray together


Today I am grateful for my kind and caring doctor, coffee with a friend, a positive response from my Monday Centering prayer group on a difficult subject, phone call from a friend living far away, time for a nap.


I am grateful for:

  • For my friend who visited and dropped off the book I wanted to read
  • For my friend with whom I chatted
  • For the sun and the breeze and the nice walk in the park
  • For my cat's presence
  • For my family and home


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