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Our purpose is to form a community of gratitude as a spiritual discipline in response to the command to give thanks always and for everything (Ephesians 5:20). This is intended to be a sacred space where participants can feel safe sharing from the heart.

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January 2020


Grateful this Saturday afternoon for ...

- choosing good sense over instant gratification 

- first light through the fog this morning 

- snow covered ground

- PT referral 

- plans to talk to my daughter in London

- all is well




i’m grateful  for the sunrise  this morning  omg spectacular 

i’m grateful  for my doggie companion full of curiosity 

i’m grateful  for my friend who stopped by to see how I was recovering 

i’m grateful  for energy healing  that is helping me heal from the shock of sudden loss — today’s session wow 🤩 

i’m grateful  for time to rest  

Pulelehua Q 



I am grateful for the gift of good health and my strong body and mind.


I am grateful for that speculator bagel I had at work today 🙂


I am grateful for who and how God is ever present in my life.


I am grateful for the gift of love.


I am grateful for my 5 senses - and how my day is spectacular because of it.


Gratitude abounds this Saturday afternoon for ...

~ engaged participants in my class this morning
~ sweetie's thoughtful help
~ cancelled appointment brings found time
~ plans to talk to my adult children today
~ cooking Thai meal tomorrow - my favorite ethnic food
~ my 30 year old Thai cookbook bought in Thailand
~ referrals for PT &orthotics to stop knee from buckling
~ all is well



I am grateful for the beautiful sunshine today and a clear view of the mountains

I am grateful for date night tonight with hubby watching mixed martial arts in person:)

I am grateful for my two sons.

I am grateful for the gift of smell as it has given me a new business.

I am grateful for the dark chocolate biscotti I had with my coffee a few minutes ago.



I am grateful for breakfast with a friend today

i am grateful for Scott Erikson’s talk on Saying Yes last night and my friend who drove

I am grateful for clear weather for my walk  

I am grateful for my Centering prayer time

i am grateful for dinner and a movie plans tonight



I'm grateful for

Baby snuggles

A kind compliment 

Tree farms

Generous and patient help from my partner

That the washer and dryer are both running

A new scented candle


grateful to be back to gratitude

grateful for my free bus pass

grateful for my beautiful parents

grateful for being alive

grateful for the abilty to connect on the internet!


grateful for Anne's health improvements

grateful for soup

grateful for sunshine

grateful for a variety of friends

grateful for an understanding husband


grateful ride from meeting, acupuncture from james, deal on my breakfast, 


I am grateful for a fun time with Jan, getting books boxed up, warm home, landscaping, friends who care about me


Thankful this Monday for ...

~ yummy homemade ham & bean soup from the freezer
~ no more brace on my hand/wrist
~ fun talk with my son
~ post office finally delivered my daughter's Christmas presents
~ plans to open gifts on FaceTime Sunday
~ all is well



Grateful for session and participants

grateful for the sunshine

grateful for telephone call with friend Christine

grateful for sleeping in

grateful for a peaceful heart


Grateful this Wednesday morning for ...

~ all who join me in posting thanksgiving here
~ Awakening participants for rich discussion and a safe space
~ music & meditation soothe my soul
~ new snow
~ found time this morning after rescheduling an appointment
~ knowing in my hear all is well



On this Wednesday afternoon I am grateful for:

  • this wonderful forum
  • the connection I feel to all things around me
  • the awareness of the sorrow and joy within me and for my mind's kindness to accept them humbly
  • for being given the opportunity to feel abandonment and to find myself in the heart of my beloved heavenly Father/Mother
  • for the tea, breakfast, for the soaked grains that I will be grinding later to be used for making breakfast for the next few days ( these are all my weekly/daily routines)
  • the arms that can fetch items that my eyes see and my brain thinks as good idea to put it good use
  • a lot more; sunshine that enters into the room through the closed glass door; the cat that snores besides me; the fingers that type this message; the words that help me express my thoughts; the laptop that helps me reach across mountains and oceans and so on and so forth.

Much love, peace and sense of freedom to all who enter this room.

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