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Our purpose is to form a community of gratitude as a spiritual discipline in response to the command to give thanks always and for everything (Ephesians 5:20). This is intended to be a sacred space where participants can feel safe sharing from the heart.

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January 2020


grateful for , 12 step meetings, the lord, the buddha, reggie ray, my apartment


grateful for God's continued protection and providence even though my mortgage has increased $700 per month and my pay has decreased to where it was in 2001; the beautiful sunshine; great health; love of family and friends; and His mercies which are new every morning.


Grateful for walk around the lake today, meeting a friend for coffee, for being able to give two healing touch treatments tonight, for talking with my daughter and feeling ok at the end of the conversation despite knowing things are hard for her right now, grateful that God is in charge of our lives.


grateful for how He gives us just enough light to see the next step; continuing comfort to my son as he transitions to another army base for more training; His everlasting love; His financial protection; and the ability to visit my 97 year old stepfather this weekend


Grateful for Centering prayer group this afternoon, for getting a walk in before the rain, for dark chocolate, for being able to walk 3 km without pain, for a quiet evening at home tonight

  • No arguments. 
  • PT, yoga, Chiro completed today...continued hope for healing 
  • PT therapist practiced newly learned therapy method for my betterment. Most welcoming. 
  • Today last day of demanding appts that have kept me away from home.  
  • Tonight, I have a warm bed and roof over my head to rest.  I am blessed. 



Morning meditation with 1oo+ people 

napping 💤 

time alone with each travel buddy

dinner together 

seats away from music 🎶  

aloha Pulelehua 


I'm grateful for:

-grace provided by a colleague when I was late to his call

-that the sun came out

-working on a team that jokes and laughs together

-that my partner let me take the car, so I don't need to bike through the rain

-that past me left snacks for present me

-that my PCP gave me a referral to get help

-that I can go drink tea with a friend after work


I'm grateful for:

  1.  the feeling of peace in me this morning
  2.  the prospect of a brand new day
  3.  the anticipation of seeing my grandkids next week
  4.  my dear friend Stefania
  5.  a new start

Grateful this Friday afternoon for ...

- lunch with a colleague/friend
- warmer now & even warmer days ahead
- time to prune spirea so spring soon
- weekend without plans
- sweetie makes me laugh
- watching the Crown
- all is well



grateful for

beautiful colors in my bedspread thinking about things in depth husband landscaping laughing with friends


Grateful that my son is coming to help with water in the basement, grateful that I am well enough to mop, grateful for quiet day retreat tomorrow, grateful for two phone calls from friends, grateful for a nice coffee and muffin this morning


I'm grateful for:

  1.  My husband's patience
  2.  My patience
  3.  The freedom of being retired
  4.  Reading
  5.  My stubborness to not give up


       Sharon L.

  • Today celebrated the life of the Mother of my Latino adoptive  family.  We had mariachi singer and family of all ages in her room as she is in hospice.  
  • In my 50’s I was adopted by my Latina sister and whole extended family.  I still don’t have the family tree figured out. 
  • a joyfully sad day that raised my spirits. 
  • been reflecting on an offer from yesterday for downsize assistance. Gods mysteries are wonderful
  • tonight, I am grateful for rest and sleep

I am grateful for a beautiful sunny day, for walking the labyrinth, for hot water, for an easy commute , for meeting old friends.

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