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You are invited! This Gratitude Journal is an online gathering place where you are invited to post five things you are grateful for on a daily or weekly basis.

Our purpose is to form a community of gratitude as a spiritual discipline in response to the command to give thanks always and for everything (Ephesians 5:20). This is intended to be a sacred space where participants can feel safe sharing from the heart.

Three Simple Steps

You can post as a guest. No registration required.

  • Click on the current month below
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That’s it! Now we invite you to try posting once or twice. If you like it, join us on this gratitude journey.

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January 2020


I'm grateful for the scented candle burning next to me, bringing light and warmth, at least symbolically. I'm grateful for the time to sit and write about my experiences and feelings. I'm grateful for my sweet cat, snoring away on the couch, as she demonstrates peacefulness to me. I'm grateful for a conversation with my mother, so far away, and the opportunity to hear my father's voice via ham radio. I'm grateful for the winter rain, that makes it so cozy to be working inside today.


I am grateful for the ease and flow of my day, the easy commute, feeling heard at my two doctors appointments, meeting a friend for coffee, having the time for a short walk.


i ask the online groups forgiveness for missing the sessions. GOD BLESS YOU! Michael Gump

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