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March 2020


Thankful this Saturday evening for ...

- the kindnesses crisis brings out

- just because calls from family & friends

- neighbors sharing scarce supplies 

- strangers offering to provide groceries to vulnerable people on NextDoor

- free drive through testing started today

- find out plan for surgery on Monday 

- all is well in spite of crisis



I’m grateful for phone calls from family, a caring doctor,Monday Centering prayer group virtual meeting, Sunshine , a walk by the river.


m grateful for a friend grocery shopping for me, for an email from my Ottawa cousin, for a beautiful sunny day, for a walk in my neighborhood that I’ve loved for 30 years, for the snow capped mountains. 

I forgot to post yesterday but I was immensely grateful for the two young ladies in their Irish dancing apparel whose parents were filming them performing on the pier for an audience of one , just me, and grateful for the video clip of the choir at Maynooth College (Ireland) singing St Patrick’s Breastplate sent by my cousin for a very quiet St Patrick’s Day celebration instead of the usual shenanigans. 



I am so grateful for:
(1) a lovely walk today in which I was greeted by a friendly five year old and his mom.  

(2) a beautiful ripe orange I found on the ground while walking - yum!

(3) seeing the bunnies jump over each other in the backyard - I didn't know they played games like that!

(4) my family's good health (please pray for my stepdaughter, age 30, who has the virus)

(5) being able to work at home



Today I am grateful for: 

  • My prayer line and listening to children's angelic voices
  • For having the time to cook wholesome meals 
  • Connecting with people online for meditation and holy sharing
  • Phone conversation with a friend
  • text from someone who reminded me of grievances that needed to be released
  • This forum that reminds me to count my blessings 

I’m grateful for my online prayer group gatherings that keep me grounded, for my frequent connections with family and friends, for this sunny day, for a walk by the river, for our loving God.


I’m grateful for being able to order groceries on line for pickup, for all who are praying for our city today, for my children and grandchildren, for a walk on this grey day, forour loving God.


I am grateful for all the inspiring music posted and free concerts, for my Monday Centering prayer group, their honesty and vulnerability when sharing, for being able to maintain connections on line, for a break in the rain so I can walk to the post box.


I am grateful for the sunshine today, all the resources for guided meditations, for faith and prayer, for family and friends new and old, for devices that keep me connected.


grateful for 

online live mindfulness meditation sessions

rain that lasted for 10 minutes

the knowing that all are doing the best they can 

inspiring stories to read to focus on the positive strength within

silent moments



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