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May 2020


thankful this Thursday evening for ...

~ sat on patio, felt the sun and looked at sweetie's native garden
~ talked to my daughter this afternoon
~ Zoom with our women's group tonight
~ called my mama today
~ talked to pastor & others in virtual coffee hour
~ met an interesting person
~ Zoom with best friends today
~ felt connected today
~ all is well ... talked to lots of people today



Tonight, I am grateful for:

~My home, a place I can safely stay during the coronavirus pandemic.

~The wise restraint of those people who are mostly staying at home when possible during the coronavirus crisis.

~The reading and writing friends I've made since moving to Conway.

~My dog Shady who entertains me daily with her desire for belly rubs, head pats and treats.

--Social media, which helped me renew contact with a cousin I've not seen in several decades.

~A Pittsburgh friend's invitation to have dinner with me Friday night, via Zoom.





Grateful on this first day of May 2020 for :

  • the positive feedback from people who participate in the breath movement meditation via online meditation chapel with me. 
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn for providing online mitigation retreat during the pandemic
  • Deepening my gratitude and appreciation for all who I meet online for meditation and for discussions
  • the time I get to be at home to contemplate on all that comes in the present moment
  • for the micro greens on the kitchen counter and for the plant life outside for refreshing the air 



Grateful this Friday afternoon for...

- talk to mom most days by phone
- dad still wants to talk 
- most days we have something to say
- day 56 of immobilized knee & still sane
- 61 days to go if I’m lucky 
- inspiring podcast this morning 
- Zoom keeps me connected 
- classes keep me engaged 
- sweetie keeps me sane
- all is well ... joy abounds



On this Saturday, 2nd day of May 2020, I am grateful for:

  • Warm wooden deck

    The deck was warm like a massage table, in the sun that showed up after two days of rain. So I laid down on the hot wood of the deck to relax my aching shoulders with face covered to protect from the sun. It was a time of deep relaxation, gratitude, and joyful mindfulness. Hope at least one person who comes across this message will benefit from reading this note from the soul.

  • husband who is appreciative of my cooking and maintains the lawn
  • Sandra Miller for offering this platform to share my life with others
  • Roger Sessions for starting the Online Meditation Chapel to encourage spiritual growth unique to each individual
  • My past failures and successes for teaching me that life is not about success or failure

Gratitude abounds this Saturday afternoon for ...

~ listening to Tara Brach this morning
~ another beautiful spring day, sunshine, moderate temps
~ all the shades of green, flowers in bloom, sounds of baby birds
~ feeling loved & giving love
~ being more present on my daily phone call with my parents
~ meditation
~ sweetie is cleaning the porch so we can sit out there today
~ noticing joy
~ all is well ... gratitude truly abounds



Grateful this Saturday for:

* a special day and evening yesterday celebrating my wedding anniversary 

* the enduring love of my husband 

* the ability to donate food to a friend 

* a beautiful day with warm temperatures, the smell of mowed grass, the buds on trees

* laughter in the midst of what could have been a stressful situation 



I am grateful for:

—My new face mask — a fun bee-hive pattern. I value my health, and I value pollinators. 
—My friends here and in Chicago who got in touch with me while I was hospitalized and afterward. 
—A book-club friend whom I don’t even know well. After I moved from my house to an apartment, I mentioned on Facebook that I missed by birds. She bought me a bird feeder,  an iron stake to hang it on, and a bag of sunflower seed. 
—My pets, especially my dog Shadow aka Shady Lady, the best therapist I’ve ever known. 
—Wilted lettuce and onions, an unhealthy but delicious salad Mama taught me to make. The secret ingredients are vinegar and bacon grease. 


Giving thanks this Sunday morning for ...

~ sitting on the porch listening to the birds
~ enjoying flowers everywhere I look
~ meditating among the bird songs with a cool breeze
~ feeling connected
~ sweetie is fixing our gas grill
~ looking forward to grilled salmon and vegetables
~ dad felt good yesterday, so rare these days
~ beautiful choral music
~ survey results confirmed my intuition
~ thought provoking discussion of The Book of Joy this a,m.
~ all is well ... joy abounds



On this Sunday, 3rd May of 2020, I am grateful for:

  • Early morning meditation 
  • Book to read and cat to keep me company 
  • Ginger tea that is warm and savory
  • Silence and solitude from which comes new insights about my experiences
  • Friendly and humorous video chat with friends
  • Ability to let go of  control seeking behavior and adapting to more open viewpoints that lets me accept family members and friends for what they choose to be at any moment




Grateful this Sunday for:

* gorgeous 70 degree day with cloudless blue sky

* long car ride with great music, & company of my husband as we went to the cemetery 

* hugs and holding hands 

* playfulness of our kitties; they're so much fun to watch 

* tears gently flowing over the loss of my parents and the wonderful memories I have 





I'm grateful this Sunday for:

~ My 19-year-old daughter's relatively few complaints over the quarantine, though last night she got so bored she took my sister's dog Buddy for a ride and a cup of ice cream.

~ My cat Jupiter's return home late tonight shortly after she ran out our front door just as I was coming back home. She then vanished, and I couldn't find her until she finally emerged from behind a shrub and ran home on her own. 

~A short but pleasant visit today with my mom who lives next door.

~My daughter alarm clock. This way she ca wake herself up at 5 a.m. for her part-time job, and I can sleep later.

~The cool breeze tonight as I took my dog Shady for a walk.



grateful this Monday afternoon for ..

~ the sound of a gentle rain
~ editing a meditation for tomorrow
~ my own meditation
~ the magic of virtual concerts
~ clover coming up (our grass substitute)
~ Zooming with son and his girlfriend
~ refreshing to see son engaged and happy
~ all is well ... all is well with my soul



Grateful this Monday evening for:

* quiet time to read and meditate 

* a nap 

* the first responders who came to put out a fire at a house down the street

* help from my husband to cook a meal together 

* the pretty, tiny white and purple flowers that grow with the clover




I am grateful this Monday evening for:

a strong body, especially important while walking the hills near my home

the most beautiful blue columbine flowers I bought at the garden center

the birds who love to remind me about how God takes care of us 

silence during the day to pray

a slower pace during this pandemic.




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