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May 2020


Grateful this Tuesday morning for ...

~ a fruitful telehealth chat with my PCP
~ looks like surgery is "on" for June 10
~ now have to weigh risk of going forward vs. waiting
~ camping out in my living room - windows open
~ cacophony of birds singing
~ enjoying the chilly air while snuggled up in a blanket
~ meditating with my sweetie - our sangha
~ managing feelings of unease
~ practicing cultivating feelings of joy
~ all is well ... all is well in my soul



On this Tuesday evening I am grateful for:

  • the chat I had with a friend
  • visit from my son and conversations with family
  • Playing basketball and practicing yoga
  • book discussions I had with the group
  • letting go my expectations and learning to accept what is in a particular situation



Thankful this Wednesday afternoon for ...
~ gathering information to decide about surgery 6/10 or not
~ developing a budget
~ tears after a day of hard discussions
~ sweetie's love & support
~ memoir group meets tonight -- I have a new story
~ writing blogs and stories
~ photos of our flowers to send to parents & kids
~ camping out in the living room -- all windows open
~ daughter called today "just because"
~ daughter's virtual choir is amazing
~ all is well



This Wednesday afternoon I am grateful for:

  • The awareness that I have been trying to keep the ego by looking for fault in outside sources/groups/institutions
  • fresh air and flowers outside
  • book to read 
  • conversation with a friend 
  • chance to listen to someone who was feeling stuck, which made me remember some of my blocks to joy

This Wednesday, I'm grateful for:

~Having an early homemade dinner of fettucini alfredo with sausage and herbs, cheesy bread, and a side of chanterelle mushrooms with my daughter. 

~My new covid-19 face mask — a playful bee-hive pattern. I value your health, my health and pollinators. 

~This class. Sandra Miller's calm guidance and lack of harsh judgment have helped me this week. I've finally started practicing meditation, which should help my hyper personality.

~The little robin flying, pausing atop a wooden fence, then flying again beside my apartment today.

--That I've finished my tasks for the day and am about to enjoy a much-needed night's rest.




Grateful this Thursday afternoon for ...

~ handling a difficult phone call with tact, humor & sensitivity
~ deciding to go forward with surgery on June 10
~ avoiding letting my mind run amuck with stories
~ sweetie's biopsy report was good
~ had the patience to solve a computer problem
~ all is well .... life is good



Grateful today for:


(1) a fresh cup of Peet's coffee - with mocha - with my son at the "pickup" window.

(2) a nice slow day working at home

(3) received my final grade on my research paper - it's time to celebrate

(4) God's faithfulness

(5) the gift of good health


Blessings to all



I'm grateful this Thursday for:

~A night and a day of rest.

~Having avoided the worst scenario involving an unexpected bank draft.

~All of my books, so many books. Just looking at them makes me happy and gives me hope.

~My daughter's presence, which brings laughter, purpose, and hope to my life.

~Zoom, which allows me to communicate with friends, classmates, and writers near and far.




On this Friday morning in May, I am grateful for:

  • sound of cars passing by on the interstate highway by my house
  • birds communicating with one another in the woods behind my home
  • cat that responds to my call
  • air that is fresh and crisp
  • ability to express words, thoughts and ideas without having to disturb the peace of the moment
  • for all those beings out there who are doing the best they can in every fleeting moment, who keeps me company on this ship called earth



I'm grateful today for:

~This moment.

~The small farmers' market where a guy named Steve brought the blue oyster mushrooms to my car after I told him I'd forgotten my coronavirus mask and didn't want to enter the building where the produce is sold. Wearing his own mask, Steve chatted a moment with my canine passenger, Shady.

~The stranger who insisted on paying for my roughly $6 grocery purchase because he was taking so long to check out. 

~A satisfactory report on blood-work taken at my physician's office last week.

~Finally remembering to buy enough stamps for some thank-you notes I needed to mail. (I am a procrastinator and sometimes simply a forgetter.) 






This Saturday I am grateful for:

  • All who have shared their wisdom with me so that I can make sense of my stuck feelings and emotions. 
  • My husband helping my son move to his new apartment
  • Health improvement of a friend with whom I have been practicing breathing and meditation
  • Sun that is brightening the day for all of us in my area
  • Azaleas with deep pink and white flowers around my home
  • small vegetable garden that is being prepped for planting

May all be well with all beings at all times



Grateful this Sunday afternoon for ...

~ Mothers day FB post with 33 photos from her 87 years of life
~ Enjoyed picking out the photos
~ lots of comments from cousins & family friends mom enjoyed
~ short phone convo with mom before brother & SIL arrived
~ had a delightful conversation with my son last night
~ laughed with daughter and son-in-law this afternoon on Zoom
~ father in law coming this afternoon for a socially distanced visit
~ thought-provoking discussion in book group this morning
~ all is well ... life is good



Grateful this Sunday, Mother's Day, for:

* the love from my mom, who is now with the Lord, and my dad

* the strength of my body to do a difficult project I have been putting off

* my husband who helped me with the project

* good communication with my husband 

* the rain and then beaming sunshine through the clouds 

* a sore body that reminds me I am alive




Mother's Day Sunday Wishes to all: I am grateful today for;

  • basking in the sunshine as I leisurely sat on the mulch, sipping Irish Coffee after lunch, blending in with the grass, the dragon fly and the surroundings
  • recognition of my urge to assume things about others that are hidden in me
  • Listening to my husband working on the yard to clear up some tree stumps
  • cat announcing her presence by brushing against me
  • promising news from friends and family about how well they adjust to the new norms of the times
  • my new mantra: " I am grateful that I am free to let go of attachments to perceptions and to expectations." 

May all be well with all beings everywhere at all times


I'm thankful this Mother's Day for:

~The toddler who made me a mother.

~The impoverished woman who brought my daughter into this world.

~The two grandmothers -- Nana and Mammaw -- who loved me unconditionally and who were always nearby.

~The Mexican dinner my nephews bought tonight for their mom, grandmother, my daughter and me.

~The incredibly soft blanket and the tiny yellow plant in a cute vase my daughter gave me today and the roses she gave my mother. 


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