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May 2020


Grateful for:

  • the replacement phone I got today
  • the ability to be okay not knowing everything and for the helpful souls showing up in my life 
  • the people that help me put food on the table
  • the hardworking and enthusiastic employees at Costco for their mindful service
  • Those who wear mask all day at work ( i wear it occasionally and it is discomforting and feels hot when I speak)

May all be well with all beings at all times everywhere.


Grateful this Monday evening for ...

~ leftovers
~ meditation for tomorrow's class done
~ time to take a short nap after just five hours sleep last night
~ Zoom with my mom & dad this afternoon
~ my 87 year old mom figured out how to get into Zoom
~ rain in the forecast for this week
~ my sweetie is a handy person
~ all is well ... life is good



Thankful this Tuesday morning for ...

~ noticing reaction to a situation is moving me into hypomania
~ taking steps to manage my thoughts and expectations
~ dogwood flowers and irises are still in bloom
~ friend offered to bring us produce from his gardern
~ sweetie's support & encouragement
~ kind faces looking back at me
~ deciding to forego a group I had hoped would bring connection
~ all is well ... self-compassion is growing



I am grateful for:

 - still not much traffic around Los Angeles

 - a challenging career where I can be of service to others

 - the beautiful weather and a view of the ocean (far far in the distance) from my office

-  MMA fights are back on television 🙂

 - God's continual faithfulness


Grateful this Monday morning for ...

~ spiderwort, lilies, dogwood, columbine, wild geranium, ferns
~ 1st in-person social distant visit with dear friends in 2.5 months
~ had no idea how starved we were for face-to-face connection
~ joy at their presence
~ fresh picked lettuce & herbs -- looking forward to salad
~ satisying Zoom visit with my niece & nephew
~ Cultivating Joy class is full ini less than 24 hours
~ hoping my other classes fill as well
~ managing anxiety about a presentation on Friday
~ all is well ... all is well with my soul



This Thursday I am grateful for:

  • Celebrating a friend's birthday on Zoom
  • azaleas still brightly bloomed and spreading color for the landscape
  • ability to enjoy cooking with wholesome ingredients 
  • catching thoughts and emotions in me as I see it reflected in others
  • joy of reading a  new book

Peace and joy to all


I am grateful for:

~Thursday, which was mostly a much-needed day of rest for me.

~The health-care and other emergency workers during the covid-19 pandemic.

~The journalists who still must go on assignment to cover the news and keep the public, including me, informed during the pandemic. 

~The people who wear masks in public to help reduce the spread of covid-19 and the people who stay at home as much as they can.

~The arrests of two teenagers in my small hometown in the murder of an 87-year-old friend of my dad. Both the suspects and the victim's family deserve justice, which I pray is smooth and reasonably expeditious. 



Grateful this Friday morning for ...

~ as prepared as I'm going to be for a live interview today
~ mostly managing my nerves - it's been a long time
~ cool morning, birds singing, windows open
~ a thoughtful email
~ a light movie with my sweetie last night
~ someone was interested in my struggles last night
~ I felt heard and understood
~ sweetie's love and encouragement
~ all is well, all is well, all is well with my soul



This Friday afternoon I am grateful for:

* the heavy rains that will make my lilac bushes bloom

* the food in my house, the roof over us that doesn't leak

* how the readings about "perspective" seem to coincide with previous teachings of a wise mentor

* time to enjoy a welcoming meditation that lightened my mood

* uplifting Christian music from a group new to me




Today I am grateful for:

Having someone  listen to me talk about resentments and my part in all of it.

Sitting outside in the nice weather listening to the wind and the birds, while eating my favorite snack

Having a delivery of food from the grocery store today at my doorstep

A nephew who rode his bike here to visit in our backyard 6' apart.

Finding this website today and reading through the newsletter - helpful and uplifting.





Giving thanks this Saturday afternoon for ...

~ reframing my situation aka an attitude adjustment
~ sweetie's flower beds give me joy
~ my chicken and goat sculptures make me chuckle
~ started a project I've been putting off for a week
~ learning much from Book of Joy, Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu
~ satisfying conversation with son
~ son pulled together funding for farmer to food box program
~ proud mama
~ all is well ... life is good



I'm grateful this Saturday for:

~The meowing cat and the jealous, little dog who keep me company when I'm a tad lonely.

~My new coronavirus mask. It bears a blue-flowered motif and a protective purpose.

~The rain. Yes, it's a bit much today, but by mid-summer, we'll be glad we had it.

~Social media, which can be a huge distraction but also a blessing in that it can bring family, friends -- and, yes, classmates -- together to laugh, cry and learn.

~The tears, the smiles and the hope -- all of which I've experienced this week. 


Above from Debra


Grateful for:

  • this short poem from Rumi:                                                                                                                   One day your heart
    will take you to your lover.
    One day your soul
    will carry you to the Beloved.
    Don't get lost in your pain,
    know that one day
    your pain will become your cure."
  • long, friendly, reminiscing chat with a friend
  • cat sitting on me to get attention while I do yoga stretches
  • morning reflections on how people from different circumstances choose to hurt differently from similar experiences, opening my eyes to how easy it is for us to make up stories...
  • Letting go of stories that don't serve a higher purpose

Grateful this Sunday evening for ...

~ learning a new way to do an old task (so much easier)
~ Zoom with a friend --almost like being present
~ leftovers
~ Syttende Mai
~ the sound of rain in all its permutations
~ the sound of birds after the rain
~ sweetie's garden gives me joy
~ the sun peaked out
~ all is well ... life is good


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