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Our purpose is to form a community of gratitude as a spiritual discipline in response to the command to give thanks always and for everything (Ephesians 5:20). This is intended to be a sacred space where participants can feel safe sharing from the heart.

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May 2020


This Sunday, I'm grateful for:

~The arrests of two suspects in a gruesome murder of an 87-year-old man who was a friend of my parents and who lived in my northeast Arkansas hometown, Marked Tree. My prayer is that the judicial system will correctly determine their guilt or innocence.

~Being able to partake of communion with my mother during an online church service tonight.

~A pause in the heavy rain and a bit of sunshine today.

~The increasing closeness that my dad's death has brought to my relationship with my sister.

~The virtual graduations for 2020 high school graduates, many of whom still hope for more traditional commencements this summer.





This Monday evening I am grateful for:

  • chat with an old friend
  • call from abroad
  • common concerns shared with family members
  • joy of cooking and being in the present moment
  • a chance to give back to fellow travelers

I am grateful today for:

~Hearing from old friends who read my column that mentioned a once-famous small-town drug store and its resident talkative Mynah bird.

~The delicious shrimp scampi and Red Lobster biscuits my mom shared with me last night.

~A hometown acquaintance who reached out to me for help despite our past differences.

~The weeping willow I can see from my bedroom window. It reminds me of the one my Nana and Papa had behind their Union Street house in Marked Tree.

~This gratitude journal. It makes me think. It makes me appreciate.

~My book club, though I've not been able to go in a long time. It's how I met Sandra Miller.


This Tuesday I am grateful for:

  • The charity of a noble woman Sandra Miller, despite her leg is stabilized due to knee injury, for bringing lively discussion groups with meditation sessions.
  • All friends at Meditation Chapel for being the source of strength, nurturing and nourishment.
  • My  yoga practice and all my teachers to date
  • Vegetable plants in the garden, filling me with hope of new life flourishing
  • books to read, coffee to sip, problems to solve, pains to be transformed

Blessed Day/Night to all. 


Grateful this Tuesday evening for ...

~ kind words from friends on this thread
~ hurt feelings led to deep sharing
- birds singing
- a silent house
- first video turned out as imagined
- brought back pleasurable memories
- noticing joy in the little things more lately
- laughter & sharing on call with friend
- all is exceedingly well


Thankful this Wednesday afternoon for ...
~ a thoughtful response from a virtual friend
~ a much-needed long afternoon nap
~ a day without deadlines but enough to engage my mind
~ anticipation of sweetie's homemade chicken soup for dinner
~ a thought-provoking discussion last night
~ reading Man's Search for Meaning again
~ greater perspective after a day of self-doubt
~ cousin's FB response reminded me of grandmother's legacy
~ all is exceedingly well



I am grateful for......

(1) being able to get up today at 0530 as opposed to 0330 and working at home - no commute!

(2) a beautiful day of sunshine and the usual bunny/squirrel and bird gathering outside my window

(3) the ability to help my son who is in the military and pray for him over the telephone

(4) a cup of reishi mushroom coffee 

(5) being able to take a perfumery class soon from one of my perfume icons (and preparing for it by studying natural essences)

(6) God's continual faithfulness

(7) a great night of rest


I'm grateful this Thursday night for:

~Getting to know a young uncle I never met through the letters he sent home before his death during World War II.

~The lack of judgment in my meditation class and the joy it seeks to help us cultivate.

~A distant cousin's quick recovery from heart surgery. She and her husband are among the few relatives of my dad that I still hear from; I pray that continues.

~The salmon patties, lima beans, and tomatoes my mother prepared for our dinner. Or perhaps this statement would be better worded: My mother, who prepared salmon patties, lima beans, and tomatoes for our dinner.

~The stimulus check, which arrived quite late but is helping me pay more bills than usual this month.







I'm grateful this Friday for:

~A relaxing, stress-free day.

~Enjoying a couple fun TV programs with my daughter tonight.

~The fresh produce -- golden oyster mushrooms, huge green onions and a spring lettuce mix -- I got from the farmers' market.

~The rain, the rain and more rain we've had this week. Come July, we'll be glad we got it.

~My family's relative good health during the covid-19 pandemic.



Grateful this Saturday for ...

~ the sun
~ ssocially distant visit with father-in-law this afternoon
~ finishing a big project
~ it was more useful than I expected
~ talking to my mama almost every day
~ my dad brightens up on the phone
~ made sense out of some chaos
~ all is exceedingly well



Grateful this Sunday morning for ....

~ Sunday morning book group's thoughtful discussion
~ sunshine
~ air-conditioning as outside temperatures heat up
~ helped my mom get into their church's Sunday service
~ sweetie's generosity and compassion
~ our home, an umbrella in the rain and shade in the sun
~ spring flowers fading as summer flowers begin to emerge
~ all is well ... all is well



I am grateful this Sunday night for:

~The dinner, the TV program, and the laughter I shared with my daughter tonight.

~Retirement. Even though I still freelance and money is tight, I cherish the extra time I have for my family and myself.

~My little, aging dog. She is, indeed, a woman's best friend.

~Truth in an era of alternative facts.

~The wildlife, from the robins to the raccoons, the butterflies to the elephants, they are all blessings from God.


Grateful today for:

  • Joy of having tried a new recipe with fava beans, raw mango and coconut with turmeric, garlic and onion. 
  • Curiosity that keeps me feeling fulfilled 
  • Time to read and write
  • accepting what is here as miracle of life
  • breath and sensation that keeps me grounded


May all beings find fulfillment at all times everywhere.


Grateful this Monday afternoon of Memorial Day ...

~ sunshine
~ mom & dad in good spirits
~ accepting dad's dementia is making him grumpy
~ listening to Tara Brach on radical acceptance
~ accepting my pacifist leanings conflict me on this holiday
~ cautiously hopeful
~ all is well in this moment.... I am alive.



Today I'm grateful for

  • insight about forgiveness
  • my health
  • not worrying about money the way I used to
  • old friends
  • books

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