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Our purpose is to form a community of gratitude as a spiritual discipline in response to the command to give thanks always and for everything (Ephesians 5:20). This is intended to be a sacred space where participants can feel safe sharing from the heart.

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May 2020


Grateful today for much, including:

  • a refreshing home made yogurt drink 
  • seeing my friend getting stronger in dealing with a difficult situation
  • Smiles of employees at the grocery store
  • seeing people walking and  jogging
  • curiosity to observe the cobweb that led to a joyful experience

May all beings be healed and experience joy




Grateful this Wednesday afternoon for ...

~ sweetie's yummy meatloaf & mashed cauliflower
~ son's handling of a very difficult situation
~ productive day after a slow start
~ meditation
~ looking forward to seeing family in person this weekend
~ sending thank you emails to some folks
~ all is well



today - I am grateful for

abundance of new flowers on the bushes out front that I notice coming in from the grocery.

when I get out of the car, the nextdoor neighbor, William, about 3-4 years old, says, "I love your clothes!"   Smile.

having two children living next door to us and two children next door to them.

I drop something off something for a friend, and Steve, at the front desk says, "like your jeep!"  and gives me a thumbs up.  (Kia Soul)

I say "thank you very much" to the young man bagging my groceries - he says "you're welcome very much."



Grateful this Thursday afternoon for ...

~ sunshine and a gentle breeze
~ a social weekend planned (with social distancing)
~ the challenge of writing and the joy of completion
~ plans for movies I want to make from old photos
~ watched Rocketman -- with our new soundbar -- delightful
~ anticipation of listening to more music programs on TV
~ music
~ all is exceedingly well


Grateful today for:

  • catching my mistake and smiling in recognition of it (the ability to accept it brought the smile)
  • joyful mealtimes
  • friend recovers well from surgery
  • an acquaintance finds joy in her ability to see the good things in tough times
  • dance, music and laughter I am able to experience

May all beings discover their hidden strength and resilience


This Thursday night, I'm thankful for:

~The laughter, the food and the time I got to spend with my daughter and mother today during a short trip to Little Rock.

~The delicious potato pancakes I enjoyed at dinnertime.

~My newest face mask that features 70s-style peace symbols.

~The candid discussion my 19-year-old Asian-American daughter and I had tonight about adoption and race.

~My apartment. It may not be my favorite place to live, but it's comfortable and shelter, and I'm grateful for that.




Grateful this Friday evening for ...

~ sunshine, mid-70s temps and gentle breeze
~ made a movie for my mom & dad's 70th anniversary of meeting
~ showed it to them on Zoom -- they both loved it
~ decided to stop watching a disturbing series for the 3x
~ waiting for a response to an inquiry (mostly patiently)
~ spirea in full bloom
~ did much-needed paperwork & filing today
~ all is well ... life is good



Grateful this Saturday morning for ...

~ taking steps to be an effective ally
~ spiderwort in bloom
~ sunny, mild spring day
~ doors & windows open, listening to a cardinal
~ writing for work, writing for fun
~ making emotion-filled movies for others to enjoy
~ opportunity to teach meditation & mindfulness
~ all is well ... despite so much pain in the world



Grateful for:

  • the beautiful emerald green bug that landed on my notebook as I wrote on my journal outside
  • the breeze and the bounty of insect life on the lawn
  •  time for mindful eating
  • the graduation celebration motor rally in my neighborhood
  • the quote: "As long  you are breathing, there is  more things right with you than wrong with you, no matter what has been wrong with you". 

May all beings experience the bounty of life flourishing in them at all times.




This Pentecost Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • the homily by Pope Francis addressing the narcissistic, pessimistic and victim-hood thinking
  • cat's expressions of joy and amusement for spending time on the lawn with me this morning
  • the news that reminds me to be aware of my BREATH
  • food that is grown from seed in the fields; all people and modes of transportation that helped it  to be brought to my plate; the sun, water, soil and air for collaborating with the chlorophyll of plant life to create it.
  • God 

May all beings experience peace in what unfolds before them in the PRESENT MOMENT.


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