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Our purpose is to form a community of gratitude as a spiritual discipline in response to the command to give thanks always and for everything (Ephesians 5:20). This is intended to be a sacred space where participants can feel safe sharing from the heart.

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October 2019


This Saturday, I give thanks for ...

~ shadows from street light filtered through the tree leaves
~ an uneventful drive home - 6 hrs vs. 10 hrs to get there
~ sipping a glass of wine
~ watching as afternoon sky shifts to dusk
~ going to the pool for the first time in ages
~ a good workout for my knee
~ canceling remaining PT appointments
~ intention to workout at the pool three times a week
~ cautiously hopeful my knee will get stronger
~ hoping for restorative sleep soon after <5 hrs/night this week
~ all is well



This Monday morning I am grateful for:

* seeing a gorgeous maple tree with flaming leaves 

* God's love for me as His child

* the compliments I received about the beauty of my rosaries at my craft show

* the sales of my rosaries and rosary bracelets 

* my husband's sister being able to handle her father's emotional outbursts during crisis 

* waking up today 




Grateful this Monday afternoon for:

* news that my husband's mother is finally off the ventilator after being on it for 3 weeks 

* quiet time alone with God

* the thought that someone else might be receiving benefit from the rosary bracelet I lost yesterday 

* my marriage ministry friends 

* laughter 



Grateful this Monday afternoon for ...

~ quintessential fall weather
~ meeting a kindred spirit unexpectedly
~ the serendipitous interwoven threads of people's lives
~ son's confidence
~ equanimity in the present moment
~ reminders of what a small world we share
~ all is well



Grateful this Tuesday for:

* not getting injured in the car accident today

* the strength of my husband when I was crying

* my husband's mother getting stronger

* safe travel to the hospital 

* God's love and peace 



Grateful this Wednesday for:

* plans moving relatively smoothly for the funeral service of my husband's mother 

* strength from God to be supportive of my husband and his sister and his dad 

* compassion I feel as I help the family plan & grieve 

* my family's love and support during this time of loss

* my Aunt Rita




Grateful this Sunday morning for:

* a loving memorial to my husband's mother who died last week 

* God's presence during this difficult time 

* the funeral home staff

* the crisp day with clouds and sun peeking through 

* the many family and friends who came to celebrate 




This Monday night grateful for:

* my successful medical procedure today

* my husband not having to work today

* good friends sending us sympathy cards and love & prayers 

* a marriage coach who takes a personal interest in us and calling out of the blue to show his love & support 

* husband's family expressing gratitude and love to us



This Sunday morning grateful for:

* my husband growing stronger emotionally 

* the cold morning with the fireplace on

* the pretty piles of leaves

* meditation on being a beloved child of God 

* my husband's mother is at peace 


  1. My health
  2. My husband
  3. Willingness to exercise and take care of myself physically
  4. Time for myself
  5. Prayer groups


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