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September 2019


I am grateful this day after Labor Day for ....

~ the many women & men who fought and sometimes died for the 40 hour work week, child labor laws, workplace safety, minimum wage, health insurance, pensions, family leave, social security, Medicare and so much more

~ a long weekend with my aging parents

~ visiting with cousins, siblings, niece and great niece & nephew

~ reconciling with a brother after a misunderstanding that hurt both of us

~ brother's cancer surgery went well

~ first long trip after surgery went well enough

~ wedding plans for a nephew and his fiance

~ getting glimpses of the peace that surpasses all understanding

~ all is well




This Thursday morning I am grateful for:

* my body's ability to fight sinus and throat issues

* not working so I can stay home and rest to get well

* the sun pouring in the windows on this crisp fall day

* my mother in law starting to get better and may go home from the hospital today

* my 4 cats who get along so well, even though 1 of them is 12 years older than the other 3

* God's presence in all the little things in my life

* the wonderful people who post here



This Friday I am grateful for:

* sleeping cats so I can sleep too

* my body trying to fight the "bug" that has a grip on me

* the ability to breathe through my mouth for meditation 

* my husband who picks up the slack for me while I'm sick

* small bursts of energy 



Grateful this Friday morning for ...

~ plumbing permit closed, now for the building permit
~ many moments of connection at our women's gathering last night
~ a productive meeting yesterday
~ final walk through of bathroom this afternoon
~ nothing scheduled Saturday to Monday except sweetie time
~ sleepy and have time for a nap
~ all is well




This day, Sunday, I am grateful for:

* the few minutes I have to be alone with my thoughts to find things/people for which I am grateful 

* all the hurting,  married couples who took the time, effort to attend today's post-session

* the goodness I saw in my husband during a time of potential conflict 

* the many volunteers who spend their time, effort to give to needy couples out of love for them and help them heal their marriages 

* the Grace of God to get my marriage on track using the many tools we've been given 




Grateful this Sunday evening for ...

~ celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary today
~ finding the love of my life at age 60
~ little rituals that enrich our marriage
~ a friend responded positively to a difficult request
~ a beautiful afternoon in the bluffs along the Mississippi River
~ river towns
~ all is well



This day I am grateful for:

* the financial services we received at no charge last night

* the training to stay relaxed & focus on breathing while going through a difficult topic, finances 

* the prayers of a mentor for my marriage 

* arriving to our destination safely in a busy area

* God showing me I didn't have to fear so I could choose love instead 

* the cold/sinus problems resolving 



This Friday evening I am grateful for:

* the hospital medical staff who took care of me today

* waking up after the medical procedure 

* my husband who brought me flowers to cheer me up 

* not having to stay in hospital overnight 

* my cold healing in time to have this medical procedure 



This Saturday evening I am grateful for:

* the ER staff who took care of me today

* my dad who showed me the need to be polite, friendly with hospital got me a larger room, lol.

* God helping me keep a sense of humor, even after being here in ER for 8 far

* good friends praying for me

* a great husband who is attentive and loving when I need it, especially the last couple of days 



This Saturday evening I give thanks for ....

~ Donna getting treated well in the ER
~ almost done packing for friends move on Monday
~ most of the day off tomorrow before Monday move
~ son-in-law had good evaluations from a class he led
~ son is enjoying himself at best friend's wedding
~ daughter is proud of her husband
~ beautiful day with birds singing, cool temps and sunshine
~ hope that the cool temps are a harbinger of fall




Thankful this Sunday afternoon for ...

~ nearing the end of a long day at the ER with our combative, confused (today) friend with dementia

~ the only upside to the ER visit is she may now qualify to use her long-term care insurance

~ getting up while it's still dark and watching the sky lighten

~ coffee, PB&J for breakfast (nostalgia trip)

~ ready for a nap & have an hour free (how rare is that?)

~ getting some long-delayed odds & ends done this morning

~ hearing birds outside the back door

~ all is well



This Sunday evening grateful for:

* Sandra, Betty, Charlie, Robin and the many friends praying for my healing

* sleeping in my own bed at home

* tearful moments in physical pain that brought my husband and I closer 

* breathing better today

* hearing the birds singing after a morning rain

God is good.



This Tuesday morning grateful for:

* my body's health improving 

* the care my husband's mother is receiving in the hospital 

* a circle of spiritually like-minded people around me 

* the days and nights transitioning to fall

* the sweet little feral kittens outside who greet me with excitement, because I feed them, lol

* peace



Grateful this Wednesday afternoon for ...

~ Donna's healing progress
~ having a mostly clear mind and a relatively healthy body
~ continuing to progress in PT though neglecting exercises
~ a harvest moon low in the sky these last few days
~ quiet darkness before dawn
~ first light before the sun rises
~ finishing a class last night and another tonight
~ brother's recovery
~ daughter's good news
~ son's confidence in me
~ all is well




Grateful this Thursday morning for:

* witnessing a loving act between my husband's father and mother 

* my husband's family being there for my husband's mom

* my body healing even though I ate something I shouldn't have 

* the total quietness in the very early morning 

* the amazing moon

* God reminding me He is in control, not me


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